5 Popular Sympathy Flowers Sent with Condolence Message

It is the harshest truth and difficult experience of life to lose a loved one forever, and honestly, no words of sympathy and condolence message can relieve the pain of the bereaved during that turbulent period. However, sending sympathy flowers or empathy gifts can be the best way to express your tribute or eulogy towards the departed person and his or her family members. A memorial plant or a floral arrangement for the funeral can really express your regards because flowers speak a thousand words to express your compassion.


Types of Funeral Flowers for the Bereft

Flowers are the ideal way to express love, respect, and console during the hard times because the freshness, serenity, and innocence of a flower can give comfort to an agonized heart. To honor or pray for a demised soul, floral arrangement can also act as the purest gesticulation but you should not send the wrong flower with any sympathy message. Every flower sent with condolence has its own importance and connotation that you should learn. Let’s discuss about a few sympathy flowers and their meanings related to the funeral eulogy:

1.       Lilies

Lily flowers is the symbol of purity, peace, and radiance of the soul. Thus, it is a common flower used to decorate a graveyard, memorial service, and funeral. Moreover, sending a bouquet of lily flowers with a condolence card shows the gesture of prayer for the peace of the departed soul. The white color and mesmerizing aroma of the flower can make a burial service divine. So, as per Christianity, Lily flower is commonly used in a crematorium, and guests also prefer to carry Lilies to the funeral.

2.       Orchid

White and pink Orchids are the connotation of eternal love and sympathy for the deceased and the grieving family. Generally, Orchids are used as casket sprays because it represents a prayer for the departed person to take birth soon in a happy family.

3.       Roses

You can also send different shaded Roses with condolence message to the grieving family. Different colored roses have a different meaning related to the funeral. The white roses are the symbol of purity, spirituality, and innocence. The deep red rose signifies grief, compassion, and love for the demised soul. The yellow rose shows the respect and bonding with the departed person, and the pink rose gives the gesticulation of thankfulness and prayer for the rebirth of the departed soul.

If you mix different shades of roses and send the bouquet to the mourning family then it will give the connotation of every positive feeling to the bereft along with the touch of love and care. Moreover, roses are also used to decorate standing spray, casket, and wreath during the memorial service.

4.       Chrysanthemums (Mums)

In Europe and America, Chrysanthemums symbolize honor to the demised and sympathy for the bereaved person who lost the loved one. You can present a bouquet of red and white Chrysanthemums during the burial service because these flowers used for the decoration of the graveyard.

5.       Hyacinth

As per Christian belief, Hyacinth flower is the sign of prayers and deep anguish towards the demise of loved ones and his or her entire family. You can tribute a bouquet of Hyacinth on the graveyard of the departed person with a card written with a condolence message, “You are always in my prayers. RIP!”


Different Purposes of Using the Sympathy Flowers

Other than sending sympathy cards and gifts with the flower bouquets, these flowers are also used for decoration at crematorium by the following ways:

  1. Standing Sprays – Generally, orchids and lilies are used to decorate the standing sprays kept in the memorial services.
  2. Casket of the Graveyard – The casket of the graveyard or coffin can be decorated with white flowers and any kinds of sympathy flowers to bid a last goodbye to the demised soul.
  3. Wreaths and Crosses – The wreaths and crosses can be decorated with lilies, hyacinths, and roses to show the serenity and eustacy with a prayer for the departed soul.
  4. Portrait of the Departed Person – After the demise of a person, he is eulogized with flowers and scented candles with noble prayers for his or her soul. During the burial service, the portrait or photo-frame of the departed person is decorated with white and light pink flowers like roses, lilies, and orchids to bring holiness in the ambiance of burial service.

Words of compassion and sympathy messages can express your grief, but presenting flower is the gesticulation of pure respect and affection for the demised and the mourning family. So, choose the right bouquet of sympathy flowers for the grief-stricken, and before collecting it, know about its significance to express the message of compassion.